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Couple's Massage

Improves balance & harmony and promotes physical, emotional and spiritual health



A Couples Massage can offer a Special Energy. The Synchronization of the Energy between & within couples creates a higher Energy flow which lasts much longer than the massage.  A Couples Massage can bring balance and harmony into their lives.

A regularly scheduled Couples Massage will make couples feel like they are thriving much better spiritually, mentally and physically.  Compared to couple that do not do this, they will notice a big difference in their lives.  It takes a conscious decision to plan a regularly scheduled massages. In many cultures, it is a natural part of life.  The most important thin in life is our health, and as a couple, the more important thing for the relationship is health.

Every cell of the human body is energy, and every space within every cell is energy.  The Chinese refer to this as Qi, which is Universal Energy.  In our massages, especially couples massages, we focus on moving the Qi, so that will give a euphoric like experience.  When the Qi is moving properly and we release all of the energy blockages through the massage, the body becomes relaxed, and in balance and harmony with the energy within & around the other person, and also with the Universal Qi that is within and between each individual.

At Massage City Lafayette, we specialize in synchronized couples massages.  Every stroke, every pressure, every movement is coordinated to enhance their shared experience.  The setting is peaceful and relaxing and planned to bring harmony and balance.

If a couple has never experienced a massage together, they don’t know what they are missing.  It is truly a euphoric experience which heightens the senses and gives the couple a shared overall feeling of better health.  There isn’t anything else like it.

We look forward to serving you soon.  You may call us, or use our online booking system.

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